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What is a Virtual Tour?

What Is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is an innovative and interactive feature that gives a full 360? view of any area. Standard, static photographs do not offer a wide enough view of an individual space, but a virtual tour offers a vast solution to this problem.

With the panoramic viewer, a person can have a full 360? x 180? view of an area. This means that one can literally “look around”, giving you the feeling that you are actually standing in that virtual space. If you want to show off your guest house, lodge, unique area, real estate, etc., ClearView's 360? virtual tours are ideal for you!

A full, 360? virtual tour is compiled by taking a series of quality photos. Specialized software then stitches these photos together, creating a full, spherical image, know as a spherical panorama. A person can then look around the virtual space and get a broader view of the area.

ClearView Virtual Tours uses the best, imported equipment to offer the highest quality virtual tours. We also use the latest software to deliver up-to-date technology to our clients.

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